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Our Agency does not have SES Band 2 Officers. Should a Band 1 be signing off or our Agency Head?

We are happy for SES Band 1 Officers to endorse your nominations in the absence of Band 2 Officers. However, we recommend ensuring that your individual agency clearance processes are followed and that there is appropriate awareness of submissions within your agency.

Can I nominate the same initiative for multiple categories?

Yes, you can nominate the same initiative for multiple categories. However, to ensure your answers directly address the criteria for each category, please submit a separate nomination for each one.

Who are the short listers for nominations?

The shortlisting panel consists of Executive Level Two (Director) members from various agencies across the APS, specifically from data-focused areas.

Will the closing deadline be extended?

We are reluctant to extend the closing deadline for two main reasons. First, we have allowed for ten weeks to complete the nomination process. Second, extending the deadline would significantly impact the assessment stages and the timely delivery of the awards event.

Can we submit a collaborative nomination that involves more than one APS Agency?

Yes, collaborative nominations involving multiple APS agencies are welcome. It is important to establish one lead agency for the nomination process. The assigned contact person from the lead agency will be responsible for managing all required communication and approvals with their other agency counterparts.

Where can I get help with preparing my nomination?

To get help with preparing your nomination, make sure to thoroughly review our "How to Nominate" page and the nomination form template. If you encounter any issues, please send an email to