APS Data Awards Collection notice

The APS Data Awards (the Awards) are a celebration of achievement across the Australian Government’s data landscape. The Awards highlight innovative and resourceful solutions implemented across the APS which use data to make a difference to the Australian community.

The Awards are administered by the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) Data Awards Team who are managing  the Awards processes.

This Collection Notice explains the management of your personal information by the ABS Data Awards Team.

What personal information is collected?

Personal information is collected to assess evaluation and eligibility for an Award. The following personal information will be collected through the APS Data Awards process. 

Nomination form

The personal information collected from people identified within the nomination form will include:  

  • first name and surname
  • email address
  • position title 
  • agency name
  • phone number

If you are completing the form on behalf of others, you must have their approval for the inclusion of their personal information. 

Pitch sessions

Nominees who consent to participating in the pitch process will be interviewed and recorded on Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) and in person at ABS offices, in which the ABS will collect your personal and sensitive information through audio and visual content.

ABS will be recording the pitch sessions for judging and promotional purposes. A showcase of the pitches will be screened at the APS Data Awards dinners and shared online through the APS Data Awards website and ABS social media channels.   

The recording will include your: 

  • name 
  • video and audio recording from your meeting 
  • images, links and chat information if relevant from your desktop if you actively share your screen during the meeting

If you do not wish to be recorded and opt out of consent for your recording to be used, please advise with Data Awards team prior to the pitch sessions.  

How will your personal information be managed?

The personal information collected during the APS Data Awards process will be managed in the following ways: 


De-identified summary of nominations will be complied by the APS Data Awards for short-listing review by an advisory panel including representatives from Australian Bureau of Statistics, Department of Home Affairs, Department of Social Services, Australian Taxation Office, Office of National Data Commission, Department of Finance. 


The nominations (including personal information for identified project team) for APS Data Awards finalists will be provided to a judging panel across Australian Government, industry and academic institutions. The judges will be announced in early July on the APS Data Awards website. 

Awards promotion

The finalists and their projects will be showcased within promotional activities for the awards. The channels will include APS Data Awards website, ABS social media channels, APS Data Awards events, email promotional outreach and media.

All nomination forms, MS Teams recordings and correspondence in relation to the project will be stored within the secure ABS systems, and accessed only by authorised ABS Data Awards Team members. 

Email subscriptions

The ABS uses Swift Digital to manage its email subscriptions and you can view how Swift Digital protects your personal information.

  • If you have not consented to receive email updates from the APS Data Awards process, your personal information will not be transferred to the Swift Digital data store.
  • If you have consented to receive email updates from the ABS regarding the APS Data Awards, we will store your name and email address in Swift Digital until we notify you that the 2024 APS Data Awards have been finalised. It is intended that this will occur in no later than December 2024, when your personal information will be deleted from the Swift Digital data store.
  • You can revoke your consent to receive email updates at any point in time in writing. If you revoke consent, your personal information will be removed from the Swift Digital data store.

When personal information is collected as part of the APS awards by Swift digital, it is stored in secure data centres in Australia. The hosting provider for Swift Digital meets all Australian Government privacy and data storage requirements 

We comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Archives Act 1983 in the storage, collection, access, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of your personal information collected.

The ABS Privacy Policy for Managing and Operating Our Business provides details about how we (the ABS) manage and protect your personal information stored in ABS systems. 

How to access and correct your personal information

Contact the ABS Privacy Officer using the details provided below if you need to access or correct your personal information. 

A submission cannot be edited once it has been submitted. 

If the nomination period is still open, you can provide a new submission. Please contact info@apsdataawards.gov.au to request removal of your original submission.

ABS Privacy Policy

The Awards are run by the APS Data Profession with project management led by the ABS being lead Agency for the initiative.

The ABS Privacy Policy for Managing and Operating Our Business provides more information about make a complaint if you feel we have not adequately protected your privacy. The Policy describes how we will respond to your complaint, and what you can do if you are not satisfied with our response.

You can contact the ABS Privacy Officer who will respond to enquiries or assist with complaints:

By email: privacy@abs.gov.au 

By post: ABS Privacy Officer

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Locked Bag 10, Belconnen ACT 2617